Mind… Body… FIT!

We're officially starting the countdown to fit!

That's right-- this Thanksgiving (which is less than a month away), won't you join us to get fit and fabulous under the sun in Mexico? Our favorite San Francisco trainer, Nicole Dessoye, will be with us in Tulum for an action-packed holiday your body doesn't want you to miss. Whatever your fitness level, Nicole provides a challenging and exciting workout, variations to fit your needs, and tons of fun sweating it out in the ocean breeze. What could be better? (Especially since we're not quite ready to try that stand-up paddleboard yoga thing yet.)

that's some next level fitness

That's some next level fitness

If you're looking to get away from the frigid ices of November in your hometown, and want to a good excuse to do so, this might be the trip for you. In the mornings, you'll do a Pilates, strength, TRX, and cardio workout  (and you might even find members of the ZAMAS team right beside you!). In the afternoons you can explore and relax- visit the Tulum ruins, swim in any number of crystalline cenotes, or just rejoice in pure beach bum bliss. Ahhhhhh....

Each package includes the daily workout, a private training session with Nicole, a 4 day stay and breakfast at the beach! Write us and info@zamas.com with questions or to book now. 


Just a typical day in Tulum (courtesy of http://www.tulum.com/)

Nicole is a dancer, a certified Pilates instructor, a NASM certified personal trainer, and owner of The Corner Studio in San Francisco. She has been teaching about the body for 20 years. Using Pilates as a base, she strives to help clients attain a deeper connection with, and understanding of, their bodies.


“Take care of your body. It’s the only place you have to live.” — Jim Rohn

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A fresh hatchling

Tulum Sea Turtle Festival

With November and the end of turtle season just around the corner, it's been a packed couple of months here on the beaches of Tulum. At ZAMAS alone we've had 9 nests- some of which have hatched right under our guests' feet!



As you may know, sea turtles return to the beach on which they were born, so the turtles in our current nests are the great-great-great-great-great-great grandchildren of a few courageous sea turtles from long ago. Since only one or two hatchlings survive to adulthood, their return to our beaches is a miraculous feat and one which we celebrate at ZAMAS. We feel a profound sense of gratitude for the enduring magnificence of the nature that surrounds us.

A fresh hatchling

A fresh hatchling

Yesterday kicked off the start of the Tulum Sea Turtle Festival, which will be going on through today in the towns of Tulum, Akumal and Xcacel Beach. The first festival was held in 2003 to raise awareness about the importance of conserving sea turtles. At the opening ceremony, local arts organizations set up consciousness-raising crafts for kids and adults alike. According to local biologists, this year Tulum boasted 20% more nests than in the previous 5 year! Yes!
Mexi Divers Dive Shop spotted this beauty on a recent snorkeling tour

Mexi Divers Dive Shop spotted this beauty on a recent snorkeling tour

The full festival will include art contests, expos, beach cleaning activities, sand sculpture & kite flying competitions and a release of baby sea turtles. For more information of the events of this year's festival, please click here