Star-studded Snout


The world’s largest fish are as magnificent as a star-studded night in Tulum.  They are called “marokintana” (full of stars) in another fabulous part of the planet.  Innovation used to follow the stars is also used in tracking these gorgeous creatures.

The distinctive markings of a whale shark identify sharks like a fingerprint.

Star-studded Snout

Whale Shark Feeding

The ZAMAS Family and friends went swimming with the whale sharks two summers ago and fell in love with these gentle giants.  Gliding through the sea with dignity, they are indifferent to the gawking tourists who surround them.  Granted, we kept a respectable distance due to regulations and to trepidations!

Big Fish in the Sea

Whale sharks live in tropical and warm oceans. Every June through September, these sharks are swimming in our seas.  While they are generally solitary creatures, they aggregate seasonally in some places and we are lucky that they come our way.