September sunrise

Sneak Away to Tulum in September

September in Tulum is…old-school Tulum. The long lost days of a sleepy Mayan town with a few scattered tourists here and there. Cool white sand with warm, salty water enveloping your ankles as you walk down that famous long stretch of beach. The days begin in big bold sunrises and end in luscious rose-blue jungle skies. Tulum, as it used to be - a mellow, Mexican, beach town.

September in Tulum is…cenotes. Crisp and clear, these refreshing swimming holes are natural pop-up pools. Home to one of the largest underground water systems, these unique swimming holes are scattered everywhere around Tulum. There’s nothing like a cool cenote dip on a hot September day.

September sunrise

September in Tulum is…whale sharks! Yes, it’s a trek to Punta Sam (near Cancun), but once there you will be forever enchanted with these serene, elegant and powerful fish. The connection is truly spiritual. After September, these fish move on to new waters.

September in Tulum is…stars. It’s not 5-star, baby, it’s star-crazy. No big lights from big hotels or big street lamps…just big September sky. It may be star-sparkle with full moon-lit skies, or early star showers with late orange moons, or huge arrays of stardom on crescent moon nights – you can’t go wrong with a September night sky in Tulum.

September in Tulum is…local time. Time stretches out in Tulum in September. Days flow into nights into days just like a lazy wave flows over the sand. Hang with the locals while families come to the beach and men fish along the shore. Dine at ZAMAS under a starlit sky while Camilo Nu strums jazz or Andres Castani belts out some blues. Follow the after hours crowd to the local hot spot; it’s easy to mingle with bohemian ex-pats and late-night locals over ice-cold cervezas.

September in Tulum is… sweet-sea month. Frogs and crabs and pelicans along the way…there is a reunion of seaside fisherman every late afternoon. FRESH FISH!!! If there is a shortage of off-shore catch in the high season, it abounds in September… eco-fresh, eco-economy - you can eat DELICIOUS every single night at the beach after having seen your catch arrive that afternoon. Chat with the staff, mingle with the musicians, and lie on the beach under the stars… Midnight swim-it and skinny dip too… September hits the spot.

September in Tulum…is the life-reset button. It’s your first love affair, the delightful child who beckons to you, the time of magical adventure. September-Tulum is why you fell for Tulum in the first place, so treat yourself to the real thing….Tulum as it should be.

Family time