Only in Mexico…

You can discover many things driving along the highway from Cancún to Tulúm. First, you’ll notice the lush greenery, interrupted by an all-inclusive hotel every fifteen meters or so. Second, you’ll notice the high volume of road kill and trash strewn about. You’ll laugh at the pickup truck filled to the brim with passengers, blasting rancheras. You’ll wonder why you are being passed on both the left and the right, and why most people drive in the shoulder. What you may not notice while driving along this beautiful highway are the helpful signs guiding you and simultaneously providing you with life advice. You may not notice them because they are in Spanish, but they certainly notice you. They observe your driving and advise you how to improve it. In order to call your attention to these wonderful signs, I have braved this treacherous highway to take a closer look. This is what I found:

WITH RAIN INCREASE YOUR PRECAUTIONS (a benign enough suggestion, common in many countries across the world)

PROTECT YOUR LIFE, DO NOT GET DISTRACTED (I can still text though, right?)

AFTER AN ACCIDENT NOTHING IS EVER THE SAME (well, some things must be the same. this sign, for example)