Meet Mara… the woman who runs it all

The average guest staying at ZAMAS might go his or her whole visit without meeting Mara Andrade. But you might have noticed the General Manager sitting at her computer, taking calls, and greeting vendors and merchants; essentially, making ZAMAS run. But who is Mara? To get to know this delightful lady better, read on.

Name: Mara Andrade

Years working at ZAMAS: 2.5

Age: hell no! (editor's note: she's not very old)

Hometown: Mexico City, Distrito Federal

Siblings:Paulina and Silvia

Romantic status: it's top secret

Golf Handicap:18 (her family is really into golf)

Favorite drink: whiskey on the rocks

Favorite bar: 307 (Belongs to her friend Citlalli)

Favorite thing to do on her day off: go to the Sian Ka'an Biosphere with Maalix (her beloved dog, pronounced Ma-Lish) and Jerome (the man who comes second to the dog). And sleep!

Favorite ZAMAS dish: Tostadas a la Susana

Favorite store to shop at in Tulúm: Shalom- there's one across the street from ZAMAS and one in town

Tulúm's best kept secret: swimming with the turtles at Punta Solimán

Claim to fame: member of the former Tulúm Wine Club

Favorite TV show: it's a toss-up-- The Sopranos or Seinfeld

Thing she wants her fans to know about her: fans? I have fans?