Brand New Sport

This week, while visiting Southern California, I pushed myself. First, I tried surfing. It was awesome. There is nothing more exhilarating than standing up while a wave propels you forward. I can't wait to practice and actually ride a wave bigger than 2 feet. Unfortunately, where we are in Tulúm, there aren't great waves for riding, and certainly not year-round. Which is why I have become obsessed with... (drumroll please)... stand up paddle boarding.

It's easy. It's fun! It's a great workout because your whole body is engaged- core, legs, arms. And the best part, according to Vince Shay (who took us out): you can do it on flat water and you can do it on waves (real daredevils surf with these mammoth boards). Which is perfect for us because we don't often have surfing waves at ZAMAS, but rare is the day that the water is completely flat. So, with my insistence, we hope to have at least one paddle board at ZAMAS in the next year. We just have to figure out how to get the 11-foot board through Customs!

If you're ready to feel like an ancient tribe member cruising the glistening coast of Tulúm (or anywhere else), I recommend you try stand up paddle boarding ASAP. But be sure to wear lots of sunscreen to protect from those harmful rays. And check Vince and his crew out  when you're in the San Luis Obispo area at

Happy paddling!