Mind… Body… FIT!

We're officially starting the countdown to fit! That's right-- this Thanksgiving (which is less than a month away), won't you join us to get fit and fabulous under the sun in Mexico? Our favorite San Francisco trainer, Nicole Dessoye, will be with us in Tulum for an action-packed holiday your body doesn't want you to […]
A fresh hatchling

Tulum Sea Turtle Festival

With November and the end of turtle season just around the corner, it's been a packed couple of months here on the beaches of Tulum. At ZAMAS alone we've had 9 nests- some of which have hatched right under our guests' feet!As you may know, sea turtles return to the beach on which they were […]
Barbacoa de Chivo

Tacolicious and The Restaurant at ZAMAS

There are many varieties of Mexican food. You’ll often hear Californians, from San Francisco to the valley to San Diego, arguing over the most “authentic” Mexican food—which town serves up a hotter habanero or a juicier carnitas, whether a tortilla should be slightly crispy corn or stretchy flour. But what does it mean, authentic? There’s […]

Guest Chef Series — Mike Isabella & Alicia Jenish

In the spring we announced our inaugural international chef and mixologist series. The series kicked off in March with Chef Mike Isabella, chef/owner of Graffiato and the upcoming Kapnos and G in Washington, DC. Alicia Jenish, executive chef of The Grand Cafe in San Francisco, was our guest chef in May. Mike and Alicia were kind enough […]
turtle mama going back out to sea

October is Turtle Time in Tulum

Turtle mamas have been laying their eggs and turtle babies are popping up everywhere on the beach in Tulum.At ZAMAS, we’ve had five turtle nests on our beach this year and more newborns will be arriving soon.  Every time we see turtle tracks we know another turtle mama has laid her eggs.  To protect the […]
September sunrise

Sneak Away to Tulum in September

September in Tulum is…old-school Tulum. The long lost days of a sleepy Mayan town with a few scattered tourists here and there. Cool white sand with warm, salty water enveloping your ankles as you walk down that famous long stretch of beach. The days begin in big bold sunrises and end in luscious rose-blue jungle […]