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Brand New Sport

This week, while visiting Southern California, I pushed myself. First, I tried surfing. It was awesome. There is nothing more exhilarating than standing up while a wave propels you forward. I can't wait to practice and actually ride a wave bigger than 2 feet. Unfortunately, where we are in Tulúm, there aren't great waves for […]

Summer fun

It's summertime and all this writer can think about are the fun, non-work activities she can enjoy without ever leaving Tulúm.There are the obvious contenders: the beaches, the sun, and the Mayan ruins. But there are many specific activities we at ZAMAS enjoy in our downtime.CenotesOf these cave-like freshwater swimming holes our favorites are Escondido […]

Turtle Time!

It’s turtle time and I could not be more excited. A couple of years ago a nest of turtles hatched from underneath one of our guests as she sunbathed. And last year we helped three or four nests of slightly misguided turtles who came crawling up to the restaurant looking for the ocean (maybe they […]

Only in Mexico…

You can discover many things driving along the highway from Cancún to Tulúm. First, you’ll notice the lush greenery, interrupted by an all-inclusive hotel every fifteen meters or so. Second, you’ll notice the high volume of road kill and trash strewn about. You’ll laugh at the pickup truck filled to the brim with passengers, blasting […]