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The world’s largest fish are as magnificent as a star-studded night in Tulum.  They are called “marokintana” (full of stars) in another fabulous part of the planet.  Innovation used to follow the stars is also used in tracking these gorgeous creatures. http://www.nasa.gov/offices/oct/home/tech_life_animals.htmlThe distinctive markings of a whale shark identify sharks like a fingerprint.The ZAMAS Family […]

Artist in Residence: Patricia Bosworth

Patricia Bosworth arrived at ZAMAS on a breezy afternoon in December of 2009 and she immediately got to work. She laid out fifteen stacks of paper across her bed, flitting back in forth in front of them. She was thinking.Ms. Bosworth is a biographer (in addition to being an actress, journalist, producer, and director) and […]

Hot Salsa: Summer Dance Workshop at ZAMAS Hotel, Tulum, Mexico

Think warm tropical breezes, turquoise water and dancing with syncopated jungle rhythms. This third “Hot Salsa” dance workshop taught by San Francisco instructors Ryan Mead and Sidney Weaverling in Tulum, Mexico promises to be one of the best.Timba, Cuban style salsa music, has many international influences such as jazz, rock, disco, funk and hip hop, […]

Seasons tidings…

As I write this I'm looking out onto the glittering ocean, and watching a woman slather sunscreen on her outstretched body. This is Tulum in the winter and I love it. Last week it got quite chilly- 65 degrees Fahrenheit. Now we're back to a modest 77 degrees. Yet as we begin to break out […]