Beautiful day at the Tulum Ruins with Patricia Bosworth

Artist in Residence: Patricia Bosworth

Patricia Bosworth arrived at ZAMAS on a breezy afternoon in December of 2009 and she immediately got to work. She laid out fifteen stacks of paper across her bed, flitting back in forth in front of them. She was thinking.

Ms. Bosworth is a biographer (in addition to being an actress, journalist, producer, and director) and her current subject is none other than Jane Fonda. Some may remember Ms. Fonda as Barbarella, or Hanoi Jane, or the Workout queen. One thing we can all agree on is her ability to transform seamlessly from one persona to another. Every time she becomes someone or something new, she embodies that persona with complete abandon.

What better way to truly dive into such a complex character as Jane Fonda than to have a great massage? When Ms. Bosworth arrived at ZAMAS, her goal was to work a little and play a lot. She did this by booking a massage tailored to her high-stress mood with Maria Luisa in her hotel room. Before toiling the night away, Ms. Bosworth indulged in our fresh fish filet and her signature drink, the vodka tonic.

On her last day, Ms. Bosworth thoroughly enjoyed the Tulum Ruins, as you can see by the photo below. She was especially taken with the feeling of history that permeated the air and the gorgeous ocean vista.

Beautiful day at the Tulum Ruins with Patricia Bosworth

Ms. Bosworth’s book is out in August. It will also be serialized in Vanity Fair in the September issue. For a recent starred review of the upcoming biography, check out

In addition to her book on Jane Fonda, she is the author of the acclaimed biographies of Diane Arbus, Montgomery Clift, and Marlon Brando. She currently resides in New York City. Learn more about Patricia Bosworth on her eponymously named website.